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Summertime. Sunshine. Beach vibes. Glowy skin. Or in my case not so much. Basically just a bright light on my irritated skin. Today’s Friday favorites focuses on 5 products that I’ve been using that have provided visible results in 3 weeks of daily use.

Something freaky started happening with my skin about a year ago. Strange blotchy red rash under my cheeks, noticeable brown spots – AND my hands and neck show definite signs of change. My old routine that worked for so many years had stopped. So today this post is dedicated to my new 5 favs that have shown with visible results in 3 weeks. This is part 1. Part 2 will be coming soon after I compare more vitamin C products.

Up your Skincare Game with these 5 favorites. Great results in three weeks.

I had lunch with Linda, or should I say reconnected, with Woo, the store and skincare people I trust most in Atlanta. They first helped me years ago. This time Linda recommended Tata Harper oil for the face. My skin had a great reaction. Tata Harper uses neither toxins nor fillers. It is all natural and non-toxic. I’m very impressed. Good call, Linda. It also smells amazing. I inhale deeply as I massage it into my face and neck every night. If you’re in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend paying Woo a visit for a personal touch with skin care and makeup. They have two locations–Peachtree Battle and Vinings. Linda and her staff have been a long time trusted favorites of mine. If you’re interested more in my skincare background check out this post.

Up your Skincare Game with these 5 favorites. Great results in three weeks.

This leads me to Julie, my other favorite person at Woo Skincare & CosmeticsJulie is the best aesthetician in Atlanta. I swear. After going back for a facial with Julie, my skin was glowing. I don’t want to lay it on too thick–no pun intended, but Julie is awesome. 😉 She suggested this retinol mixed with the body oil for my legs, chest, arms, hands, and neck. I love it, and I swear I can see a difference. The trick is to really rub it in vigorously. The body oil is amazing but it doesn’t last that long. So I often mix the retinol with this $8 coconut oil. I loved how the retinol looked on my body. I sheepishly tried some on my face. I’m happy to report my skin has been responding well to it. Normally, I can’t handle retinol on my face without breaking out. Needless to say, I’m very impressed with this retinol intense by Chantecaille.

Up your Skincare Game with these 5 favorites. Great results in three weeks.

Julie also recommended this CC cream sunscreen by Supergoop. I’ve used other Supergoop products over the years, and this is by far my new favorite. For starters, it looks like foundation, and so it evens your skin tone for a flawless finish. I’m wearing the light to medium color. It comes out of the container fast so be careful how you squeeze.

My new go-to moisturizer, I randomly found in Walgreens. I can’t believe how wonderful it is. It’s  Jason’s Vitamin E Age Renewal Creme,  and it’s a great top coat for the face at night and all over the body any time of the day.

  • MY BIG TIP– warm the creme up in your hands until it feels soft more liquidy  (like its La Mer without the price tag) Then pat and spread lightly on the face to force the other products down into the skin. I go as heavy as I like on the rest of the body. I still use the same “la Mer” warming technique.
  • Other Big tips– really pat then rub your oils in. Give them time to settle a couple minutes at least before you apply your next layer.
  • Remember– the order of product application is most important. 1st serums, then oils, then cream or lotions.

Have you ever tried any of these products? I’d love your feedback and recomendations or questions. Thanks so much for visiting!

Love Jean

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Up your Skincare Game with these 5 favorites. Great results in three weeks.
Up your Skincare Game with these 5 favorites. Great results in three weeks.