Combat Oily Skin with….Oil?

Yep, you read that right.

As a teenager who suffered with acne, I never thought I’d put oil on my face. Back then, every dermatologist I saw told me oil was bad for acne. Looking back on that advice now, it reminds me of the fat free diet fad. Both the diet and this skincare recommendation deprive your body of its own ability to repair itself.

So what do you mean by oil?

About five years ago when my skin finally stabilized, I was introd%image_alt%uced to the idea of a face oil by my skincare professional at Woo Skincare and Cosmetics. I remember her saying, “Jean you are going to think this is crazy but I think your skin needs a good oil.” As counteractive as this seemed to me at the time, she was right. The oil she recommended is made by Darphin and is called, “Niaouli Aromatic Care.”

Now, ff you know me at all you know that moderation is not in my vocabulary. I started out using just a tiny bit and quickly progressed to practically dumping it on my skin because it felt so good. It took a while, but I think I finally struck a nice balance. This oil not only rejuvenated my face but my skin is also noticeably younger looking. After struggling with bad skin for SO long, this was a total win-win in my opinion!

When to use the oil in your skincare routine

I use the face oil with my nighttime routine. I start with cleansing my face and then put on a gentle toner.  Next, I apply a hydrating Vitamin B5 gel, which travels to the deepest layer of the skin and replenishes..  After the gel seeps in, I lightly apply the Niaouli oil. The key to this is to only use a little bit at a time and rub it into your skin until you feel it is mostly absorbed. My last step of my routine is a Caudalie lotion that seals in moisture and prepares your skin for a full night of restorative beauty sleep.

Love Jean

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