Is Amazon Fashion Taking Over?

Amazon Fashion

Mixing in Designers, Deals, and Dupes (knock- offs, Mom) Amazon has grabbed hold of the fashion market and created so many new options. Amazon Prime has been a treasured convenience for years for all of my electronic, photography, skincare, and house hold needs. However, it never occurred to me that Amazon would tap into fashion.

But why not?

Amazon delivers almost anywhere and returns are incredibly easy, as long as it’s an Amazon verified account. I order on a weekly basis and I have only had one negative experience with a third party vendor. I am AMAZED. My mom told me that the name “Amazon” came from woman warriors… perhaps that is a natural segue into the world of women’s fashion? Or maybe they are just subtly encouraging some girl power 😉

Create this look on Amazon

  • Let’s start with this floppy summery hat. Amazon has the best selection  of Eric Javits designer hats. Eric Javits is one of my favorite luxury fashion designers and if you look at my recent Instagram posts, you’ll notice my obsession. Whether you choose to wear them for sun protection or just for an added accessory, hats serve so many purposes and improve almost any outfit.

The hat I am wearing below was purchased a year and a half ago from Saks when I was preparing for a trip to Mexico for my friends wedding. This hat is the perfect example of a luxury brand that is classic and well made; unfortunately, they fly off the shelves quicker than they are being restocked. In fact, I was unable to find it in stock at Saks in order to link here!

Queue Amazon to the rescue!

There are SO many beautiful summer hats that are discounted to fit any budget at your finger tips! Could this get any better? (Hint: of course it does)

  • These Kenneth Jay Lane Beaded pierced earrings can also be found on Amazon. They were originally purchased at Saks but currently both Neimans and Saks are out of stock. Instead, order them online with Amazon Prime and you can have them at your doorstep in no time. Added bonus: you don’t even have to get out of your pj’s.
  • I also found this chic hand woven straw tote on Amazon!  It’s the perfect size and a great price that helps complete any summer look.
  • I LOVE the Valentino rock-stud shoes. The ones that I am wearing in this picture are dupes I found on Amazon and they are seriously SO comfortable. (Link HERE) Actually more comfortable than some real Valentino’s that I might have stretched out too much. Not that I don’t cherish the fancy red box that comes with the designer purchase, but this option is perfect to try out the look but not stress the bank account. Added bonus: More money in your pocket= More Amazon purchases…see where I’m going with this?
  • Two words: Folding. RayBans. That’s right, these sunglasses actually FOLD IN HALF and pop right back to their true form so you can wear them. These have been a life saver when I am trying to bring a million things on a vacation and I need as much space as possible. These can be purchased on Amazon and are in stock at other department stores. However, sometimes its just more convenient to add it to the Amazon cart.

So if you aren’t loving the products you are finding in your go to shopping stores, give Amazon Fashion a try. You might surprise yourself and love online shopping just as much as I do! If you don’t already, of course.


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