Unplugging in Paradise

The Obsession is Real

Bumping into cars (hopefully parked ones), stop signs, and even other zombie-like people looking at their own cell phones is the new norm. There are plenty of hilarious YouTube videos of bloopers of people bumping and falling all because of this cell phone obsession. Even in a Hawaiian paradise I found myself glued to the small screen in my hand. I know I’m not alone…but is this the new norm?

Problem, Addiction, or Way of Life?

21st century technologies have completely invaded and altered our world, giving us a new lens to see our reality through. With advances in technology come GREAT advantages from something as life saving as medical advancements to capturing your favorite moments you never want to forget. But is this “problem, addiction, or way of life” starting to have negative side affects? I guess it depends on which phrase you choose to describe it.

I know a thing or two about addiction. Addiction is something that makes your world smaller; instead of seeing the whole picture, you are so caught up in one aspect and it is all you can think about.

unplugging in paradise

Last year when I started blogging my world got bigger, much bigger.

Through this cell phone relationship, I have also seen the positive side of social media. The wonderful connections I have made in this industry have actually broadened my social world and fostered my creative side. Before I started blogging, I would guess I was about 80 percent introverted. Now that I blog, I am meeting people that I really share a great deal of passion with. I am getting invited to fun events that stimulate and educate me while creating relationships with strong women I adore.

An Introverted Perspective

I have an undergrad degree in psychology so I have always been fascinated with social interactions, communication, and how people relate to each other. The way I distinguish between an introvert and an extrovert is based on how the person recharges. My brother for example is a total extrovert. He craves talking and social interaction. Something that may drain an introvert like myself, seems to recharge him. Before blogging, I was so picky about my social interaction. I have very close girlfriends that are my support system but I never seeked out events to attend. I only went to the ones that I felt obligated to go to and even then it seemed to drain me. After the event was over, I needed alone time to feel balanced again. Any introverts relate to me on this?

Before this past year, the main thing that excited me about events was picking out a new outfit. (The fashion love runs deep) I craved deep meaningful conversations and all the fluffy ones at big events seemed so foreign to me. I have always loved getting to know others but I just haven’t been able to know myself well enough to to engage like an extrovert. I still enjoy deep conversations and crave intimate relationships. But I also love to get dressed up and talk about style fashion trends… and from that a fashion blogger was born!

Like everything else…It comes back to balance.

I think it’s fair to say I have officially crossed over from being solely introverted into a slightly more balanced version of myself. I really love the interaction with the fashion and blogging community that social media brings. Meeting people who share similar passions in life energizes and stimulates me and opens up my world. It’s hard to imagine this blogging life to be possible without the help of my handy dandy cell phone, and for that, I am grateful for this technology.

Can cell phones be completely time consuming and cause you to miss what is happening right in front of you? Of course.

However, it has also opened my eyes and broadened my horizons in so many other ways and the networking it has provided me quickly become my inspiration to pursue my creative outlets. I do think one day I will need to do a social detox from my phone and computer, but until then I will continue to grow, connect, and most importantly, take it one day at a time. I am the type of person who will always struggle with finding the perfect balance, but my life today is better than ever and I am so grateful for the people who have influenced that.

Last but not least, let’s talk fashion

You didn’t think I would write an entire post and not mention anything about fashion…did you? 😉

Let me start by saying, this is the most flattering one piece I have ever worn. I am loving the cage like straps and mesh. It fits and flatters without having to worry about flashing people if a wave comes. This one piece is seriously strapped on. Did I mention it’s on sale?

I have also  been enjoying all the kimono style pieces others have been wearing so I finally decided to buy one myself. Can you guess where I found it? Check it out HERE  and in last post HERE talking about why.

The location of these pics are poolside at Hotel Wailea and you can read about that beautiful property HERE.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Until next time,

Love Jean

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