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Relais Chateau Properties

During our week long trip in Hawaii we stayed at three beautiful hotels. When researching places to stay in Hawaii before our trip, my dad made the suggestion to see if they had any Relais Chateau properties on the island. This hotel company specializes in AMAZING boutique style unique properties. Being raised by a foodie mother, I was introduced to the Relais Chateau properties when visiting the Planters Inn in Charleston, South Carolina. Each hotel has a 5-star restaurant located within it so that was a huge draw for my family. Since then, I have visited multiple Relais Chateau properties throughout England, Ireland, and now, Hawaii After having a terrible experience when booking a place to stay in Paris during our last visit (note to self: maybe do a little more research than just looking on Tripadvisor), I was willing to take my parents advice. After arriving at Hotel Wailea, I was SO glad I listened to them.

Hotel Wailea

Hotel Wailea stuck out to me because it was described as a great getaway for couples in a secluded and tranquil area.We felt like we had our privacy. We would soon find out that this is the opposite feeling that you have on the ocean front properties.  A little backstory about our trip: we took a domestic sized plane into Maui verses the option of taking a larger international sized plane into Honolulu. After an extremely turbulent and sleepless flight, I would choose the larger plane every time. Since Hotel Wailea was the first place we stayed at, we were desperately seeking the tranquil serenity of a peaceful night sleep and laid back night on the island. This property did not disappoint in the least.

Something that sets this hotel apart from the other places on the island was the vastness of the property versus the minimal amount of guests staying there. This was an adult only hotel and they strive to give you a uniquely intimate experience so they keep the amount of guests at any given time low. We were staying in the Ocean View Suite which had beautiful panoramic views from our private balcony. As you can probably guess, I have a hard time traveling light. However, this room provided us with plenty of storage including two large bedside chests and a huge closet. These details make nesting in an unfamiliar environment really fun, fast, and painless. I would highly recommend Hotel Wailea to any potential honeymooners, romantic getaways, or 40th birthday celebrations like my own!

These are a few of my favorite aspects of the hotel:
  • Huge property
  • Very quiet atmosphere=Very relaxed Jean
  • Amazing workout facility that was open air and overlooked the water
  • Aerial Yoga room (which I’ll be posting about soon)
  • Beautiful pool with multiple luxury cabanas and healthy ginger infused poolside drinks (Yum!) Also NO KIDS so the noice level is Zen
  • Property is not on the water, but instead up on a hill which gives you a breathtaking panoramic view of the beach
  • Since we are members of the American Express Platinum Card, breakfast each morning was included in our stay.
  • They greeted us with a delicious ALOHA tray loaded with gourmet chocolates and fruit (see above)

As you can tell, I had a wonderfully relaxing time in Hawaii and this hotel played a huge part in that. Below are just a few pictures of our time at Hotel Wailea.


P.S: I always travel with multiple professional cameras because I love photography. Ironically, all of the photos in this post were taken with my cellphone. This just proves how amazingly beautiful Hotel Wailea is on it’s own!

Until next time!

Love Jean

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