Old School Way to Loose Weight Fast


I wish I had known about this tip years ago. I’ve been cleansing with apple cider vinegar and 30 minute workout videos at home.  Apple cider vinegar curbs my appetite and aids digestion. I dilute it with water and drink it before or with my meals 3 times a day. I’ve been doing this for 10 days as a detox. I love the results! There are numerous health benefits as well.

After Thanksgiving, I noticed my clothes were getting tight. Then a couple weeks later I could not fit into a new dress that I had purchased to wear to holiday parties ;(…  My husband had to practically do a chest press to zip it and I had to wear my coat the entire time. It sucked. See pics HERE. If you look closely you can see that the dress is pulling in all the wrong places. ;( It’s always darkest before dawn. This forced me to assess my behavior.

Sleep deprivation and emotional eating were the main culprits.  Apple cider vinegar and consistent exercise have put me back on the right track.

Now that I have passion there are just not enough hours in the day. I’m all about working out from home in my PJs. Welcome to our home office that doubles as a workout space and small photography studio.

Below are shopping links to my favorite pjs that double as workout pants. What’s better than not having to leave the house and getting your workout done? I love it! Click HERE for my favorite at home ab workout.

My hot tip for the new year is apple cider vinegar. Get the organic kind made by Bragg. My grandparents drank it mixed with water.  Believe me it’s not a fad. Let me know if you like it. Happy New Year!  Love, Jean

Love Jean

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