Tried and True Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

Does anyone have a history of acne prone skin and trouble with SPF skin care products?

I have a history of very sensitive acne prone skin. I abused my skin in my teen years and in my 20s because I didn’t know how to take care of it. I thought the sun would fix my bumps. I slept in the tanning bed. Cringe :(… I spoke about hydration in my last skin care post and how my skin healed after I learned how to hydrate it.

I was reluctant to use sunscreen because I thought it would cause me to break out. Back then everything caused a break out because my skin was in a reactive state. So finding hydration was the first step.

This week we are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary at the beach. This time of the year is tricky because the temperature is dropping which leads to dryer skin.  In addition, we still have to deal with sun protection.

All year around these are my favorite three sunscreens. I absolutely love this powder by colorescience. You have to find the right shade for your skin. I usually wear the medium. It looks like makeup and stays on in the water much better than the liquid. This powder has never caused my skin to break out. It can be drying to the skin, so I add extra gel for hydration. I also remove it with a “gel-to-oil cleanser” to make sure I get all of it removed. Then I use my gentle cleansing milk and a toner..

If I am going to be doing something athletic, I wear a light layer of this liquid sunscreen by skinceuticals and then add powder on top of it.

The lip protection that I have loved for years is made by Fresh. My favorite color is rose. I wear this product every day and night. It mixes well with everything.

If anyone has tried these products and loves them I would love to hear from you  Also if you have found something that works better I am curious to know.  I have been wearing this trio of products for years which makes them tried and true.

Here’s a flat lay of my favorites from the beach this week.. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Love Jean

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