severe dehydration caused my acne

My Skin SAGA..

My skin was a source of frustration for about 20 years. At age 33 nearly every pore erupted into a zit.  I had to do something about this nightmare. I was so embarrassed, I just wanted to put a bag over my face and not leave the house.  I’ll explain how in the next paragraphs, but for now just remember that it is truly darkest before dawn.  

For the longest time I had thought that because my skin was oily, I needed to stay away from oily products, but nothing could have been further from the truth. My skin really just needed moisture. The major epiphany for me was that my acne was a result of dry skin. 

When my skin broke out it forced me to learn how to take care of my skin.  It happened about six years ago while on a trip to the Bahamas, where I had been snorkeling without wearing enough sunscreen.  Later, I kid you not, every every poor on my face turned into a zit. It took months before my skin would again improve.  I felt like a leper. 

 What saved it?  You guessed it.  B5 Gel, and it has saved my skin on more than one occasion. Words can not express how grateful I am for this product.

 I recently experimented with new skin products, but my skin freaked out.  Luckily there was that one reliable fallback–the b5.  I went back to what fixed my skin 5 years ago and it worked again!  

Finally a friend of mine recommended that I go to Woo Skincare and Cosmetics, where I would learn a very important lesson about hydration. I also learned that dermatologists treat the disease of the skin and aestheticians treat the health of the skin. 

The person doing my make-up at this particular point in time was the manager.  She was incredibly patient and sensitive to my fears of putting anything on my skin.   She explained that tightness of skin would indicate dehydration, and she also explained to me about the three levels of hydration.  Gels go to the deepest layer.  Oils go to the second deepest level, and lotions sit on the top.

She sampled me on a product that literally transformed my skin and has continued to work for many years.  I was to apply this gyrating b5 gel to my face, allow it soak in and let the skin tighten, and then apply more until my skin felt loose.  This gel would become my first real face moisturizer. 

For the first 6 weeks I would burn through about half a bottle every two weeks.  She recommended that I follow up with a lotion so I wouldn’t have to use so much gel. At this point my skin tolerated the lotion. 

 As for my favorite gentle face wash products, Claudalie is at the very top.  It’s so much better than Cetaphil.  It is all natural and ph-balanced.  I also love to use a cleansing water once a day. Let’s take a lesson from the French ladies and not use too much water on our face. 

 The major lesson here is to be gentle and hydrate.  In case you missed my point hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate..  Please Hydrate.  

Hydrating b5 gell has saved my skin words can not express how grateful i am to this product. 

Thank you for reading. Please write me.. I would love to connect. Also amazon sells the b5 gell for less. I included links to my favorite gentle cleanser and cleansing water as well. All three of these products I have used for many years and trust them. 

Love Jean

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