SOS: My Winter Skincare Essentials

Best Skincare for Wintertime Sensitive Skin

The winter season brings so many great things such as joyful holidays, beautiful snowy days, and new resolutions. Winter also brings something that is not so wonderful: dry skin. I want to share what has been helping me with my sensitive, blotchy winter skin this season.


If I’ve learned anything about my skin throughout the years, it’s that it needs moisture. Even though its very oily and was acne prone all through my younger years, it still needs moisture. If my skin is thirsty, then it reacts terribly with either red blotchiness or bumps. This is when I turn to Caudalie SOS Serum to help rejuvenate my dull winter skin.

Caudalie SOS Serum

First off let me confess, I’m cheating on my trusted hydrating B5 gel. 😉 I just found one of my very first blog posts ( HERE ) from October 2016. I sound so serious talking about the saga of my skin and how the B5 gel was a miracle worker for me. It really was my saving grace at the time and if I ever have any serious skin problems again, I’ll definitely go back to it. In the meantime,  I currently prefer Caudalie SOS Serum over B5. I’ve used SOS serum off and on before, usually in the morning, but I never allowed it to totally replace my B5 gel. However, a couple months ago I ran out of the B5 and decided to improvise. Then I discovered that I don’t need as much of this SOS serum to get a better effect. I found the SOS to be neutralizing and calming and works great under foundation.

As for the brand, I have loved Caudalie for years! They make my favorite gentle cleansing milk, water, and toner. I also love their lotions.

winter skincare routine Toner and Essence.

Think of toner as what removes the remnants of your wash and the essence as a bulldozer that clears the path for your serum. So the order of application is most important!

This is the first time I have ever used an essence after my toner. As I age, I am extremely interested in brightening my skin. I haven’t noticed any huge visible improvements in that yet but it feels very calming and that is enough for me to keep using it. My skin apparently likes it so I do too!

I have been using this toner for years. I used to alternate it with a harsher toner but I stopped doing that when I began to exfoliate on a more regular basis. Can’t say enough good stuff about this toner.

All this skincare talk is ironically making me feel dry 😉

Daily Winter Skincare Routine:

Remember, the order is SO important!

  1. Cleanse (for me I use an oil then cleansing milk  if I’m using water) or in the morning I just use this
  2. Toner (try this gentle toner)
  3. Essence (this brightening and calming)
  4. SOS serum
  5. Oil (I use many different kinds of oil depending on my skin that day. The best for irritated skin is this.)
  6. Lotion current favorite is this

winter skincare soswinter skincare sosTips for those that suffer with problematic skin:

I feel your pain. I can’t stress enough how important it is to just try one thing at a time. Trying an entirely new skincare line is asking for problems. Been there, done that. Baby steps! I recommend starting with one new product for 3 days and if that works then add another, etc.

That way, you can isolate and see how different products mesh with your delicate skin. I used to be so paranoid I would only try a new product on my forehead for several days and then I would get brave enough to try it on my face for several more. This is because there was a time in my life when literally my entire face broke out.

So, if you want to try one new product for your sensitive dry skin, I encourage you to give SOS a shot. It worked wonders for me.

Love Jean

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