8 Great Homeware Organization Ideas

How to make your space pretty + functional with great homeware

I want to share some recent homeware design finds that I’ve found very helpful for organization. I spent hours — even days– off and on scouring the internet and ordering different homeware organizational pieces for my parent’s new beach house. If I’d been home in Atlanta, I would have just gone to the container store and been done with it. But I was in North Carolina and that wasn’t an option. And that inspired me to share some of the most helpful and pretty designs I found online with you today.

Don’t you get more excited about organizing when the homeware items are just as attractive as they are functional? 🙂

The beach house has a lot of vertical dead space. So my goal was and is to find thoughtfully designed pieces that would maximize the space for storage and leave a small visible footprint. Or should I simply say~ just be pretty?

Designed to DAZEL & Organize

I discovered YAMAZAKI home first on Wayfair. Amazon also has a lot of Yamazaki home. They have a whole homeware product line and bring intelligent design and creativity to everyday items. 

8 Great Homeware Organization Ideas: How to make your space pretty + functional with great homeware

Here are some of my favorites.

  1. This shoe tower is sleek and portable. It isn’t as easy to slide your shoes in and out as having a built-in, but it looks great. Also, all of the Yamazaki home items that I’ve tried have been extremely easy to assemble.
  2. Labeling looks so good with chalk tape. Even if you’re like me and don’t have great handwriting, the black and white contrast looks cool in either the pantry or bathroom for labeling bins.
  3. My favorite bin is this one. Mainly bc we have very high ceilings and a lot of vertical storage. This bin has is skinny and tall, and so it works well. It’s good for both my pantry items and for my skin care products.
  4. The slim design for this kitchen sink corner drain is well designed and very functional for a small sink.
  5. Also, I love these vertical plate organizers.
  6. This hat, bag, and scarf stand looks great in my beach bedroom entryway. I have a huge hat collection, so I’m always trying different ways to store and display them.
  7. Shoe baskets for the back door. I love this slim design.  See this post about the best doggie mat where I show the slim space-saving basket. I use it for the dogs’ leashes and my shoes on a regular basis. This design is a little wider, but still sleek and great for small spaces.
  8. These adhesive hooks are awesome! I’m guilty of too many holes in the walls whenever I relocate art and wall hangings etc. It’s a relief that these hooks really work. Supposedly, you can remove them with your hair dryer. I haven’t tried this yet. They have been great as backdoor storage for holding my bags and camera stuff.
8 Great Homeware Organization Ideas: How to make your space pretty + functional with great homeware. Check out the post for more organization ideas like these awesome adhesive hooks
homeware organization for small spaces and optimizing vertical space

Thanks so much for visiting! Have you ever tried any of these homeware items or ideas?

Love Jean

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