Keto On the Go: Travel Essentials

Traveling keto is tricky. In so many ways. Especially when it comes to staying healthy, and especially if one of your health goals involves ketosis. I want to share my top 5 supplements that make traveling easier.
It’s challenging to balance new adventures and foods with the demands of a ketogenic diet. My last few trips have completely knocked me out of whack. By “out of whack,” I mean out of ketosis.
What does that mean? For anyone unfamiliar, the ketogenic diet is a type of low carb diet. Unlike other low carb diets, keto emphasizes the fat-burning state of ketosis. Ensuring you’re in this state requires routine measurements of your blood ketone levels. Anything under .5 millimolar ketone/blood concentration means you’re out. And it typically doesn’t take much to knock you out, even though carb tolerances vary by person.
What I find most challenging—and stressful—about dietary detours is getting back into my routine. These lapses typically indicate weight gain. My last one was over the holidays. Too many sweets at Christmas parties.
My Christmas carb bender reminded me, yet again, that there’s no yo-yo-ing the keto. I had cheated, and my body told on me.
So I made staying in ketosis my goal for my recent trip to the west coast. I’m happy to say I met that goal, and I plan to do so for all future travel.

These Top 5 keto travel items are what helped me do it:

  1. Brain Octane MCT oil travel packets.
  2. Swiss charged cacao packets from Prüvit. (Keep an eye out for recipes for a couple great recipes involving these in future posts).
  3. Orange Dream ketones mix. ( I love to snack on this with cream cheese.)
  4. Travel frother for bullet coffee. (You can get the job done with stirring, but having the froth is always worth the effort.)
  5. Hot tea. (I’m a HUGE fan of hot tea at night. In fact, I like to double up on the Yogi Bedtime. The Healthy Fasting tea is a good lunch dessert.)
  6. Packing list of Keto travel essentials. Brain Octane MCT oil. Yogi tea. Frother. Chocolate charged power.Packing list of Keto travel essentials. Peace!~you’re never too old or too young for a vintage backpack. 

On the fitness fashion front, vintage designer backpacks are wonderfully fun and worth the investment. I use mine so much when traveling that my husband told me he gets tired of seeing it. Whatever 😉

Thanks for visiting!

Let me know if this helps in any way and if you have any tips for staying keto while traveling.

Love Jean

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Packing list of Keto travel essentials. Peace!
Packing list of Keto travel essentials.