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I know I’m a cliche, BUT I needed to update my workout clothes in order to jump-start my new fitness plan for 2018.  It’s a justified indulgence… right? After scouring the internet and testing out many different brands, here’s what I came up with.

What motivates you to workout hard? I always get more excited when I have a comfortable and fresh look. I can always use extra good vibes to get my fitness game on!

Here’s my shopping guide to freshen up your fitness fashion.
Get yourself some shoes. Let start with kicking it old school in new shoes with extra air to give me some bounce and support and even a little extra height 🙂 I’m a fan of thicker, solid color sneakers. I’ve been obsessed with these Nikes recently. I have them in white and loved them so much I ordered them in grey and light pink to compare. I also love the look of the solid black ones. Also in solid black, I like this style. They are a little heavier and have more ankle support. I’m not sure if I like that part yet for lateral movement.
High neck sports bra. I love these to protect the sensitive skin of the chest and they are such a fresh style. Check out this one. After ordering one and loving it, I had to order a couple more pairs! I also grabbed one of these for layering. It’s so cute under this tank or this one.

High waisted leggings. If you are looking for soft, comfortable and flattering go for this pair. If you want the on-trend shine I love these. I also love these ripped ones.

Full disclosure: I wear THIS unattractive hat every time I go for a long walk outside. I didn’t wear it one-day last week and my skin was too exposed and became bumpy. Being a skincare freak I have to confess I will not go outside for a long walk without wearing this large visor. Yes, it’s slightly embarrassing but it is a very practical visor. It also shields my face from the wind and I can see through it. Yes, the proportions are off and it’s just not that cool but I am convinced it’s the best active wear protection for the sensitive skin on my face. Even if my family makes fun of me. This one has a more subdued color but it’s still reflective and it’s under $20 on amazon prime here. When I’m inside doing yoga or whatever I love to wear this headband. This black cap is great if you need a simple picece for running around and have a large head like me.

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Thanks so much for visiting! I’m coming up with a content calendar and plan to do regular shopping guides like this one. Hope you enjoyed this shopping guide of Friday Favorites! Tell me what workout stuff motivates you to push harder and have fun doing it.
UPDATE: THESE leggings are my fav! love how soft and supportive they are and the price is great! Also click here for the all black version of my ugly visor 😉

Love Jean

shop this post:

  1. The Lead Sports Bra
  2. Los Gatos Fleece Vest
  3. Pleated Turban Head Wrap
  4. Croc Cotton Baseball Cap
  5. Harley Muscle Tank
  6. Fusion Sports Bra
  7. Yoga Daytripping Jacket
  8. Peak Long Sleeve Top
  9. Magnetic Top
  10. UV Protection Solar Face Shield Visor 
  11. High Cut Criss-Cross Sports Bra and matching Yoga Legging 
  12. Takara Leggings 
  13. Evolution 3.4 Leggings
  14. Air Max 97 Ultra Sneaker– Totally obsessed!!! check it out in these colors as well. grey pink khaki black
  15. Air Max 95




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