You Need: A Little Black Blazer Dress

Seasons change but some things stay the same. Every Fall, for as long as I can remember, my love for new fashion trends and style goes into overdrive.  I am always excited to reinvent myself with the new look for the new season.

Enter the Little Black Blazer Dress (LBBD)

Okay so I just made that up….maybe it’s the lack of sleep combined with too much coffee 😉  The LBBD is the classic LBD plus the classic black blazer. This year I was initially looking for something plaid in an over sized blazer or blazer dress, but I just couldn’t find anything that I loved. Then I saw this Helmut Lang black blazer dress and fell for it HARD. It is definitely a splurge-worthy piece and here’s why: the little black blazer dress combines the classic LBD and black Blazer with endless styling options. If you are on the hunt for a high-end black blazer dress then look no more.

Chic, minimal, classic and cool, this black blazer dress has endless styling options. I’m pretty sure Helmut Lang designed this deconstructed double-breasted long line wool blazer with me in mind. Psst, it looks AMAZING worn as a black blazer open buttoned with your favorite black leather leggings and whatever heels or sneakers you are in the mood for.  I will be posting other ways I’ve been wearing it soon so stay tuned.

little black blazer dress little black blazer dress

It’s CHIC, MINIMAL, CLASSIC, and COOL so this black blazer dress is the perfect backdrop for whatever accessories you are in the mood for.


If you have an hourglass body type like me the fit is amazing. I have broad shoulders and a smaller waist and this is a size 2 for reference. I’m 5’5.5″


The sleeves. With this look, I am actually covering up the cuffs with my favorite fur texting gloves (great gift idea click HERE ) that double as cuffs if you push the thumb in.  I will link another post that shows different ways to style these sleeves. I intentionally kept them long so I could use my rubber band trick (if you missed it check it out HERE) or squish them up and let the white and black stripe peep out.

THE ASYMETRICAL hem: It adds the perfect finishing touch.

THE Shoulder Pads: Not too big not too small.

It’s almost too short to wear as a dress so that’s why I believe it calls for OTK BOOTS to balance out the weight of the look.  These are my favorite ever! They are much higher on the leg than all my other ones and fit like a glove. Check them HERE.

little black blazer dress

little black blazer dress

little black blazer dress

As I mentioned earlier, this little black blazer dress is the perfect back drop for whatever you feel like wearing in the accessory department. Last week when I wore this look, I was feeling a little 60s mod with the earrings bag and hat (think MAD MEN inspiration video clip HERE) combined with 90s boots and blazer dress (think Pretty Women viseo inspo HERE)

Accessories to splurge on

OTK Boots

Last year I skimped on my black OTK boots and they just don’t fit well. So even though they were a lot less expensive, that was a total waste … except for the learning experience of course 😉 So this year I searched and planned and found these ALL legs OTK Boots check them out HERE.

little black blazer dress


Accessories to save on

Earrings and hats. Seriously nothing has been more clear to me in the past year as an emerging blogger and stylist than this fact. Earrings and hats do not need to have a price tag to look amazing. You probably already know this and I’m just happy to discover it.

These mod earrings are $35 and selling out fast HERE.

This Mod Bag purchase I am blaming on my new love for Mad Men. I adore this sleek 60s style and it’s a much better deal than the Celine version for a very similar quality. Masur Gavriel is one of my favorite designers as well. Link HERE.

little black blazer dress

little black blazer dresslittle black blazer dress


Hope you all are doing wonderful! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

Love Jean

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