Tips & Tricks for Flattering Pics


Hi Friends,

So the combination of traveling, stress and added sugar in my diet have quickly let the pounds creep up… but you can’t tell with this outfit! (Side note:  I have been losing weight pretty fast on the Keto diet. Has anyone ever tried it? The bullet coffee is the best part. Love!)

A little about me: I learn from my mistakes. I have taken numerous bad personal pictures and been on the other side of the camera as well as a portrait photographer. I would get so disappointed when I purchased a new outfit for an event and then the pictures were taken and my outfit made me look way worse than I did in reality.

Any photographer will tell you there are a long list of rules for achieving the most flattering photo.

  1. Avoid patterns
  2. Avoid White
  3. No Logos
  4. Wear a color that enhances your skin tone

While some of these are true, like avoiding patterns, some patterns end up photographing much better than others. Here are a list of my personal tricks and tips to a better photograph.

Know how to stand.

My favorite tip is to put most of your weight on one leg and elongate your body. This is a natural way to create shape. Also, if you are in a group photo, try to get in the middle rather than the end.

Nothing photographs better than an LBD with interesting accessories.

The camera loves the color black and creates a slimming illusion for you. The accessories end up really popping in the photo due to the black dress.

Always accentuate your waist.

This is my all time favorite trick. If you don’t know your body type you need to look HERE for tips on figuring out your body type and how to dress for it.

This Look.

I think the main reason this look is so flattering is that it acts like a jumpsuit by creating a long line. Jumpsuits often work well for creating an illusion. The stripes in the side panes offer the illusion of length and form which helps if you have a curvy body type.

For this look Color, Form, and Pattern all play a role in creating an outfit that photographs well.

The strapless top color palette is cohesive and the white in the top makes the pants appear even longer. The form is created by the boning and the shape of the top combined with the leg elongating flare pant. The stripe pattern hits in all the right places.

BONUS: this look is on major sale! The Derek Lam 10 Crosby pants are such high quality and should last a long time, even for white. They are currently $158 HERE. This top is also a fun statement piece. It is a strapless C/Meo Collective bustier top, detailed with crisp stripes. The hem drapes to long side panels. Boning and nonslip rubber binding at top hem lend a snug fit. It also has a hidden back zipper and it’s on sale HERE. I am wearing a small so it does stretch a bit.

This season I am working on picking out more pieces that can be worn in multiple ways that are flattering so stay tuned.

Thanks for visiting!

Note to Self:  Learn how to use my steamer. It’s much more slimming to not have a wrinkly outfit…I’m just sayin 😉

Love Jean

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