Fall Follies, How To Avoid Mistakes

AND Find the things I’ll use the most

Before making purchasing decisions on this Fall’s season staples, I have been asking myself a few questions. It’s not always easy to predict what I am going to wear the most beforehand. I usually stick to the emotional way of shopping: If I see something I love and my heart skips a beat, I buy it. But, just like for anything else, sometimes my heart is wrong and that article of clothing sits in my closet. Here are a few tried and true thoughts to consider before we set out on our fall shopping spree this season.

How many different ways can I wear this?

If I can’t easily style it with 3 things I already own I need to wait and really think about it.

Does it fit me perfectly?

I could buy the trendiest new outfit out there, but if it doesn’t fit me correctly, It’s not worth the buy. We all have those clothes in our closet that we haven’t touched for years because they don’t fit well, so why add to them?

Logo or no Logo?

Logos are in again, but I still prefer to not wear too many obvious logos in one look. Sometimes it’s nice to elevate and provide a focal point with a designer belt, for example. This type of central focal point could also take away from the overall look so I’ve learned to be careful with this.

Always mix trends with classics.

It is important to mix in trends so the classics have relevance, personality, and the look isn’t boring. I want to be more specific about my trends this season and try to not buy a trendy big ticket item. **note to self: no more color blocking bags. They are too specific and hard to style multiple ways. ;)**

Be careful with my shoe addiction.

Last year I went nuts. I am going to attempt to be very selective.

Sell the items that I barely wear

It’s hard to part with something that I paid a lot of money for or have an emotional attachment to. However, I cannot keep everything. I’m beginning to set up a store on my blog in order to sell my clothes easily. The only danger in making money off of this is that it usually triggers a buying spree…oh darn 😉

Have fun, but learn from last year’s mistakes

But of course, this is true in all areas of life, not just seasonal wardrobe lessons.

Now about this look.

I’d like to think of myself as a collector of classics. Although, what is classic to me may not be classic to my grandmother. However, the new Celine “granny bag” is back and I have a feeling this would be a bag that both grandma and I can agree on. It’s a top-handle bag with a metal frame closure, which often signifies vintage store relics and women of a certain age. But what I like about Céline’s Clasp bag is that she makes it modern in its simplicity.  Check it out here if you are interested. This Bendel bag pays tribute to the same idea for a fraction of the price.

Let’s start with my bag obsession.

Ever since my first designer bag which was a Prada tote around 2001, I have been hooked on Designer bags. Needless to say, quality bags have a special place in my heart. Until my first Henry Bendel Bag, I really thought to have nice details and high-end production it had to cost a pretty penny. This bag proved me wrong. The craftsmanship is top notch and the hardware is high-end. My eye always goes to the hardware, it is a telling sign of quality.

I am officially a #bendelgirl I purchased this Classic satchel from the store in Atlanta when I went to an event a couple months ago. love it! I’ll link a couple of their new bags below. I have a crush in the Bendel modern icon top handle and their west 57th trunk crossbody.

The Hat

I literally purchased four straw hats with a black ribbon this season. Hats are a staple and arguably they can serve different purposes. One was a sun hat, one was thicker and had feathers, one was thin and dressier, and then I landed on this one. It was back-ordered so had I located it in the beginning of the season I may not have collected the other 2. My point, this hat fits my big head. Do you know your hat size? I know I wear a large but I am now going to look up the actual measurements for future reference. This particular hat comes in 3 sizes. It is high quality. I love that it is structured and it actually fits my Grande head.

White Jeans for any Season

These white jeans are my absolute fav. These are the Phoebe High waisted tapered jeans by AG. Love them. They are so soft and stretchy and I have found them to run true to size. Bonus: they are on sale!


Location: Beaufort NC charming small southern town. While visiting my parents a couple weeks ago I asked my mom to go shoot some pics in Beaufort. We had fun. I wanted to take pics of some of my favorite staples that are on sale and will transition nicely into Fall.

Photo Credit: Emily Exum I miss you, Mom.

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