The Perfect Stretch Denim Dress

Aloha! During our time in Hawaii, we saw this vintage Porsche replica and thought it would be fun to take it out on a drive. The pictures were actually better than the ride. Unfortunately, my husband was disappointed in the way the car drove.  However, as long as I tuned out his complaints, I loved the experience.

I felt like I was stepping back in time, with my hair wrapped in a scarf feeling the sea breezes and enjoying the picturesque scenery. While my husband groaned on about how he couldn’t find first gear, I felt like I was living a 1950’s Grace Kelly movie.

I adore this dress by Nicholas Clothing; it is a stretchy denim material that fits like a glove without being uncomfortable. It is very flattering and flirty while channeling a vintage vibe.

Speaking of vintage, this Chanel bag is from the 90’s. I love to collect vintage Chanel. Not only do they to to hold their value much better than other brands, they are always easy to style.

It seems like the majority of my favorite new ready to wear luxury (by my standards) designers are from Australia. Zimmermann, Nicholas, and Misha collection are my top three. I believe this means I need to visit Australia. Who wants to go with me? Or has anyone been and have any must go to spots? Maybe that can be my next stop around the globe.



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HERE are some vintage bags that I have my eye on. I have used this vender before on ETSY and had a great experience. Be sure to browse her gallery. Vintage Chanel prices are definitely going up. boo.