The F Words of Fashion

The Summer Style Brunch hosted by SuthinGirl was at Davio’s in Phipps Plaza this past week. This was a charity event benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and was amazingly successful. One of the top donors was Saks 5th Avenue who generously allowed us to pull multiple looks from the entire store. Since Saks is already a favorite of mine, shopping around for these looks was a total dream come true! I promise Saks is not paying me for this…Although I would love if they did! 😉 My entire outfit was from Saks with the exception of this edgy Batucada necklace. I was thrilled to contribute to this wonderful event by being asked to speak about my favorite summer trends. This was my first ever speaking event and I could not have asked for a better experience. I started my talk by describing my look of the day and discussing the F’s of Fashion I always ask myself when pulling an outfit together.

The 3 F’s of Fashion


Understanding your body shape is key to figuring out what looks will flatter your body more than others. If you haven’t figured out what your body shape is, here is a great place to start.


If the look you chose won’t allow you to breathe, bend over, or go to the bathroom, you should probably pick something else. This may sound obvious, but I’ve definitely made these mistakes before!

Is it FUN?

One of the reasons I love fashion is because it is a great form of nonverbal communication. I love to have fun so I always want my outfits to express my playful edgy side.

With fashion trends constantly changing, I often find myself getting sucked in to what is new rather than following these guidelines. When an outfit is flattering, functional, and fun, you are ready to hit the runway of everyday life!


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