Reebok and Redefining Sisterhood

Who doesn’t love a good throw back? Have you checked out Reebok women recently? Look HERE and I’m linking some other favs below.

I never would have known how Reebok reinvented themselves if I hadn’t gone to this amazing power lunch hosted by BLUHAZL. These women are beautiful inside and out! They hosted a soulful and empowering women’s brunch with the idea of redefining sisterhood. Their goal was to bring creative women together and make magic. It worked and I loved it! Check out their blog at

It’s been too cold to exercise outside recently. So Monday I broke in this new gear from the BLUHAZL gift bag. I am a fan of working out at home.  It’s effective and efficient. Getting started is always the hardest part 😉

As you can see in the pics below, I’m not the most flexible person but I’m working on it. Training at home centers me. I try things that I wouldn’t necessarily try in front of other people. I typically do videos.  Are you pinched for time, worried about sunscreen, and don’t want to deal with the germs at the gym?  Need a fast workout at home or is it just me? My favorite at home videos are Julian Michaels. Check out the 6 week 6 pack HERE.  Let me know if you’re interested in other at home workouts that I like.

As mentioned in my earlier post, my favorite thing about blogging is making connections and friends through social media in the fashion business. Last weekend attending the #brunchwithbluhazl was empowering and fun.  The cool Reebok workout gear was just icing on the cake!


Thanks for connecting with me!

Love Jean

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