The perfect v-neck dress with a cape, for a classic holiday look


Don’t you just love how fashion repeats itself and improves on what’s been done before? I’m talking about the flattering placement of the arm holes in this cape. My Mom was quick to point out that she wore the most awkward cape in her day. But, this cape is so easy to wear. The dress by Alexis is also a favorite. I purchased it 6 weeks ago when I first laid eyes on it. The dress is now on sale in limited sizes. It’s simply a classic. The blouse sleeves and velvet buttons provide the perfect amount of romantic detail.

This is a vintage Lady Diana bag from Tradesy. I prefer that site to by and sell. I returned the bag because the D in the Dior charm was backwards. I still want a lady Diana bag one day, just not this particular one. Check out in the picture below the adorable Christmas Tree shaped Dior bag!

I would recommend this dress for anyone that loves a v-neck with clean lines and beautiful sleeves. One important fact is that there is no stretch in this fabric. It runs true to size and I purchased a petite when usually I buy a small. It’s a little on the snug side at the moment. It wasn’t 6 weeks ago so it was a wakeup call to keep things in check 😉

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Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday week! Lots of love, Jean.

Photo Credit: Amber Gossett

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