The Tale of Two Toners


Edge out winter woes elegantly with this twist on toners. These toners serve two different but equally important purposes. I’ve been using them strategically for well over 3 years.

My typical skin routine begins with Gentle cleansing water in the morning followed by this hydrating toner. It’s refreshing and seems to calm the skin and prep it for a gel and lotion.

At night, I wash my face with water, a gel makeup remover and gentle cleansing milk.  I then follow up with this Balancing toner. I don’t always use this product if my skin is dry.  It’s probably the harshish thing I use on my skin on a regular basis. It takes away debris without causing me to break out. {Read more about my background here in this acne post.} I use the toner around my jaw line, where I tend to break out. I don’t use this toner if my skin is feeling tight. That means my skin is dry so I stick with the moisturizing toner on those occasions. I keep circling back to this moisturizing cream for nighttime. It does not irritate my skin and provides an extra barrier of moisture. It’s also a great price for the quality of the product.

It’s simple little consistent applications that help the skin tolerate the changing climate. I believe it’s important to listen to your skin. If it’s tight give it hydration. If it feels loose then remove excess and gently exfoliate with this balancing toner.

Do you use a toner? If so what are your favorites? Thanks for reading. I would love to hear from you..  I hope you feel wonderful in you skin today. 🙂

photo credit: Amber Gossett

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