Summer: The Midi Shirt Dress You Need

Who What Wear’s Midi Shirt Dress {bonus it’s $35}

Hello, Summertime! I had so much fun wearing this midi shirt dress last week for a lunch and appointments. In the south, you’ll walk out the door and just start sweating. It’s unavoidable. You’ll go from (literally) dripping humidity to overly air-conditioned spaces all the time. Wearing a long sleeve that’s cool in the humidity and still comfortable in the air conditioning is ideal. This midi long sleeve dress is the perfect day dress. You could even wear it open as a long layer. I decided to use the belt that comes with the dress to manage my hair and to add to the retro vibe. This midi dress convinced me you need a midi shirt dress in the south. Also that Who What Wear makes great stuff. 🙂

This midi dress is my first from Who What Wear, and I’m now hooked. In addition to its versatility, it also wrinkles far less than other cotton pieces. Which makes it great for packing.  And overall I just love the fashionably nostalgic vibe.

summertime blue and white midi dress retro styleFashionably Nostalgic: A little background

In case any of you are wondering, the midi dress gets its name from the location on the leg where it’s hemmed. “Midi” in this context basically means mid-calf, or halfway between the knee and ankle. This type of dress was very prevalent during the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. To know more about the history, click here. My husband is more of a fan of the Mini, I’m loving the Midi these days.

summertime blue and white midi dress retro styleA Renewed Retro Look

Everyone’s familiar with the words “retro” and “vintage.” I tend to use them in various contexts of style, but I’ve honestly never thought much about what they specifically meant or the actual difference between the two. They both have to do with items of in the past, but vintage items tend to be things that were actually made in the given time period. A retro item could be made today, but it’s retro so long as it “revives” an older style. Either can be “fashionably nostalgic.”

summertime blue and white midi dress retro styleDesigner Admiration

Here are 3 west coast brands that provide an east coast summertime look. I not only like the stuff they make but also love the nostalgic feeling their designs evoke in me. I also enjoy learning where they draw their inspiration and how they stay relevant in today’s market.
In this post, my current design crushes are:

summertime blue and white midi dress retro styleCult Gaia 

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know Cult Gaia is one of my mainstays. Cult Gaia was founded in 2012.
What inspires Cult Gaia simply boils down to the making of eye-catching art. One way this brand grabs our attention is by appreciating the detail but never overdoing it on the overall design. Its aim also is to create pieces so beautiful that they become heirlooms.
Like Staud, Cult Gaia inspires me with its fresh take on retro fashion with vintage quality. In doing so, these modern day upstarts evoke nostalgia.


Staud is an awesome brand founded in 2015 in Los Angeles. A classic retro, it’s both forward-looking and mindful of past elegance. And while its stated goal is “high style,” it was the principle of producing cutting-edge pieces for the modern woman that inspired its very concept.

summertime blue and white midi dress retro styleWho What Wear 

Who What Wear for Target is the new kid on my block. This designer also looks to the past for future looks. Its price point is also unbeatable. I’ve always loved shopping at target. I just never realized I could find a piece like this. I think this piece is really well made and has so many options for styling.

summertime blue and white midi dress retro stylesummertime blue and white midi dress retro style

Thanks so much for visiting! Do you like retro style as much as I do?

Love Jean

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summertime blue and white midi dress retro style

summertime blue and white midi dress retro style

summertime blue and white midi dress retro style

summertime blue and white midi dress retro style