Don’t Worry – 40 is the new 30

Life Lessons

It is all in your head.

Turning 40 Freaked me out. It’s as though some part of me thought I’d wake up and find that my life as I had known it would be over. I’d be a middle-aged woman and that would be that.

Well today’s my 41st birthday, and I’m content. Last year this time we were in Maui. While it was as amazing, as I’m sure you’d imagine it to be, I was not at peace. This proved to me that you can be in paradise and still not be at peace. My other big takeaway as I look back on turning 40 is that I’d lost my perspective. 39 was only “a hard year” inside my head.

As I look back it all seems so silly. It turns out that I was the problem. But it also turns out I’m the solution. My fears and projections about turning 40 made me nuts. I tried way too many injections. I did strange things to my hair and didn’t take care of myself. If I could go back in time, I would try to have the attitude that I have today. Here’s what I learned… Blogging about why 40's the new 30. Wearing a white dress, brown bag

So if you’re hitting a mile marker with your birthday, and it’s making your head spin, here are my big takeaways:

  1. It’s all in your head. You’re going to wake up the next day and feel just like you did the day before, except you’ll be a year older. (My husband actually said this to me and it wasn’t that comforting at the time. But I get it now.)
  2. Injections are not the answer. I’m not judging! I’ve tried almost all of it with mixed results. They can help if done in small doses, but for me, making my face look totally different just added to my identity issues. My lips have finally gone down. I’m still tweaking with botox and extra collagen (via Sculptra), but I’ve hopefully learned from my experience.
  3. Learn to work smart, not just hard. I’m still “working” on this. This is more of a goal than a lesson. Maybe it’s a lesson that it’s a goal. 😉 The bottom line is not to let my drive rob me of my joy. It’s not productive.
  4. Break down big goals into little ones.
  5. Celebrate all small accomplishments.
  6. Celebrate where I am today, and don’t let fearful projections rob me of any joy.
  7. LAUGH every darn day. Find something that tickles that silly part of you. (I’ve been watching Friends on Netflix again as I wind down at night. Just for giggles.)
  8. Most importantly, remember it’s all in your head.

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40 is the new 30. Wearing white button down dress and brown Chloe bag.

Love it all: bag, sunnies, white button down dress & ark earrings.Loving this Savannah link bracelet from Julie Vos.Showing off natural colored ark earrings from Cult Gaia.Showing off natural colored ark earrings from Cult Gaia.I'm loving these alma suede platform wedges by Sergio Rossi.

Sending lots of joy to all of you! Tell me if you can relate? 😉

Cheers to another year on the planet!

Happy Birthday to all June Babies.

Love Jean

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Blogging about why 40's the new 30. Wearing a white dress, brown bag

Blogging about why 40's the new 30. Wearing a white dress, brown bag
Blogging about why 40's the new 30. Wearing a white dress, brown bag