Valentines Day Decorations ~ 3 Fresh Ideas

Let’s talk about Valentines Day decorations. Have you ever decorated your house to celebrate the holiday? Well, this year I decided to try 3 new ideas that might surprise you!

Decorating our bedroom is a first for me. Usually, I just go for candles, sprinkling flower petals, and a card etc ūüėČ This year I wanted to try something special so I added 3 different things to change the tone of our bedroom. A Bed Canopy, White trees from the holidays, and little touches of pink with a heart wreath and pillows.

I figure if there’s¬†ever a time to embrace girly pink, its¬†Valentines Day.

Three ways to decorate that aren’t just candles and flowers:

  1. Canopy Bed: decorate the¬†bed with a canopy even if you don’t¬†have a four post bed. If¬†you do have a four post bed, just¬†toss¬†up¬†a bed scarf (or 2 like this one here). Let¬†your¬†inner¬†princess¬†play!
  2. White delicate trees: reuse¬†your¬†holiday¬†trees¬†especially¬†if they’re white
  3. Embrace¬†pink, red… or¬†both! A little goes a long¬†way¬†just¬†like¬†lipstick¬†for the room. like this pink heart

I haven’t added the candles and flowers yet. My husband’s reaction was hilarious. Check it out.

valentines day decorations

Re-invent your bed with Valentines Day decorations

ADD texture with a BED SCARF (who knew there was¬†such a thing) and even a “princess” canopy. My husband¬†rolled his eyes, which is what I thought he would do as he’s mostly a, “manly man.” Clearly, he had no input on this round of decorating.¬† ūüėČ

I ordered 2 bed scarfs (here) to¬†play with and this canopy (here) that I¬†cut with scissors¬†because it’s designed for a bed without the post.

Our bedroom was once an attic and has been decorated MANY different ways in the years I’ve lived here. Before we leave Atlanta, I can hardly wait to paint this space, to soften all the lines. I failed to visualize how this bed would look in this space. With the architecture and the bedpost¬†there’s a lot going on and we have tons of light, which I love. But I was curious to see how adding fabric to the post would change the feel of the space. Luckily, Amazon has some very reasonably priced (under $30) options like this bed scarf and the canopy. I layered them for extra texture and thickness.

valentines day decorations


Love Seats and Cozy Pillows

I recently read that CURVES are in. As far as I’m concerned, they never went out.

I love the history of furniture design. This tete-a-tete (literally means face to face) love seat is designed by Milo Baughman. He was a pioneer in innovative mid-century modern American furniture design and is described as, “forward-thinking and distinctive, yet unpretentious and affordable.”

What is so cool about this boho-chic Danish Modern love seat is that it’s convertible! Check this link out here. The back slides around¬†to a normal love seat design style. This is the exact love seat here (for under $500, on other websites it sells for thousands)¬† but it desperately needs to be recovered.

valentines day decorations


I’m still enjoying my Holiday birch trees. (Check them out in my cozy and chic city living post here.)¬† I decided to add them to this Valentines Day decor mix. Recycling is good right? The little girl in me just loves how white¬†lights photograph.



valentines day decorations

Blankets and Pillows.

Get this fun little heart wreath from target here.¬† It’s just enough for some Valentines Day mush.

The chunky blankets have been so big this year.¬† This blanket size is small but it’s perfect for layering blankets and not as expensive. I do eventually want a big one but I can’t decide what neutral color to go with.


valentines day decorations


My Favorite Details.

This velvety, pale pink pillow is soft and cozy. The fringe on the boho pillow is fun and kinda tones down the girly vibe, just a bit.

I love these marble lips by Kelly Wearstler… LOVE them! I have them in several sizes and this is my favorite. I just wish I had a spot where you could see the sculpture from all angles like in this picture from pinterest.

valentines day decorations

SALE ALERT: I’m listing my PINK vintage 90s Princess Diana Bag for sale soon! Let me know if you’re interested. Do you love Princess Diana? Check out the bag situation HERE.

A lot of my bags sold really fast last month. So I’m adding more for February. I’m also selling some furniture if you’re interested.

Hope I’ve given you some more Valentines Day decorating ideas. I’d love to hear your ideas and if you try any of these.

Happy Valentines Day! I heart you ūüôā

The home tour continues…

Love Jean

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