Neutral Decor for any Entryway

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I went to a party Thursday night and met the coolest woman. She said, “I’d rather someone hate my decorating or my outfit than not be able to remember it.” How freeing! Creatively speaking, not that I dress for others or decorate my home for others, but there is a part of me that wants to be accepted and liked. However, I’ve just never been the kind to color inside the box.

On the personal front, I have big news. We are moving in 2 years. It’s official. So I now have a burning desire to share little bits of our home in Atlanta before we leave for Manhattan Beach, California.

I promise there is nothing boring in this little space. Warning, this post could easily be three separate blog post. I’m going to show you my small entryway area which is currently, casually decorated with a cotton wreath and the most awesome shag rug. Then, As you enter the space, youĺl see a custom art deco “dog gate” and new art from Gregg Irby Art Gallery. Plus my Louis ghost chair with a Navajo rug folded over the back for a more bohemian touch.

The funny thing is I took these pictures last week and I’ve already rearranged things again. Lord help me 🙂

neutral entryway decor

entry details 70s console and shag rug

cotton decor for entryway

neutral decor for any entryway

I really like this cotton wreath! More than I thought I would. It was a good buy from Amazon because the white really pops. Check it out HERE. Cotton seems to embody my scheme with color for this entryway. There’s also a nod to nature and repeating round shapes going on. I’m not sure what you would call this design style. There’s traditional architecture, a touch of antiques, playful modern 70s style console and interesting sculpture. I’m going for casual, welcoming, and playful because I’m not sure what else to call it. What do you think?

In case you missed my last post on cozy chic city living, check it out HERE.

neutral decor for any entryway

Decorating with Art

Being in rewardStyle is by far the coolest part of being a blogger so far (other than meeting all of the amazing new people!). Getting accepted to rewardsStyle was my initial goal when I started blogging and I still feel special to be a part of this program. I’m mentioning this to kiss up to rewardStyle because rewardsStyle had a party in Atlanta this fall at Gregg Irby Art Gallery. The event awesome! I just love being around all the creative women who are going after their life passions..

Bonus: I found 2 pieces of art that I love! If you’re coming to Atlanta and looking for art I would recommend you check out this gallery. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see my other piece from Gregg Irby.

This landscape is by Kristin Blakeney. Check out her work here or at Gregg Irby Gallery here.

I decided to rest the piece of art on a block of lucite. I tried hanging it and it just felt too dressy.

neutral decor art lucite

neutral decor entrywayEntry Details

I’ve always been very attracted to sculpture. In particular, I have a thing for white marble. As you will see in my home. These marble paws are a favorite and get moved around a lot. I can’t find them anywhere online at the moment but they are made by Arteriors.

Looking back, I realized that the pieces I continue to love are almost always neutral in color.

neutral decor entryway

The MOST important design feature for our entryway was to create a “doggy gate” to protect our Yorkies. Yorkies are impulsive so we have to protect them from running out the front door, plus and I wanted the gate to be pretty.  SO.. at the time I was really into European art deco windows and found a window design that I liked on Pinterest. We turned it upside down and created this gate. It’s not consistent with the original architecture of our house, but I still love it. If you want to see more on this gate let me know!

dog gate art deco

Now about those rugs…

If you read my last post you know I detest, loathe and despise the color of these floors. 🙁

They drive me crazy every day! I’m so tempted to paint or stain them but we are moving so I can’t decide if its a good idea.

And back to rugs… Around the same time that I found this beautiful art I also discovered this neutral vintage Navajo rug. I love the grey, dark brown and cream with the simple tribal pattern. The size was perfect for the entryway but the pattern and colors just looked too busy with these floors and the rug competed with the soft mood of the painting. I decided to fold it and use it as a cover for my Louis ghost chair that sits next to the doggie daybed, as you walk through the gate to the right.

neutral decor

neutral decor

doggie daybed

This picture wasn’t staged at all… sorry not sorry 😉 Just wanted to show my trick to having light furniture and dogs. Blankets. blankets. and more blankets… that are machine washable. After all, this Barcelona daybed was meant to be a doggie daybed.

Fur Sure 😉

One more thing, I want to mention my very favorite local store in Atlanta for design inspiration. It’s called Pieces. I actually found this ribbon light there years ago. Check out their site here. Bonus you can search by color or material for inspiration.

winter wonderland decor yorkie

neutral entry decor

Thanks for visiting!

PS. I wanted to share the other piece of art from Gregg Irby Art Gallery in our hall way. It’s by Holly Addi.

gregg irby art gallery


Love Jean

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Be on the lookout for more 😉 Tell me what you think! The home tour continues….

yorkie and the window lookout