How to Play it Safe but Still be on Trend

SO many life lessons from 2017 I wouldn´t even know where to begin. So I’ll just keep it light and talk about my safe way to step outside the box with a street-style inspired look that still incorporates current trends with ease.

Its all about the Texture

In interior design, it’s often said that color is the glue that holds the space together. It seems to me, when learning how to be a stylist, not using color is the easiest way to be on trend but still look chic. In other words, wear all black but create visual interest with different texture. Silk, suede, leather, fur (faux is great), fuzzy sweaters, whatever you choose!

In the pictures below I decided to try out a few 2017 trends while laying in black textured pieces. These are my thoughts:

  • The Over-sized Sweater:  I admit, I get nervous about over-sized sweaters. Sure, they’re comfortable, but I run the risk of looking unnecessarily large. I do like THIS one though because of the v neck (most flattering for most people) and because it stops at the waist without being cropped.
  • The Slip Dress: I’ve yet to be able to pull this off correctly, so I opted for a sleek slip skirt with classic lines and I LOVE it. I ordered so many slip dressing and none of them looked good. So when I found this skirt I was SO  excited. The simple side slit is my favorite part.
  • OTK Boots: This style has been going strong for a while now! In 2016 I was totally hung up on OTK boots. These are my most used ones of 2017 mainly because they come up higher than most, which is surprisingly more flattering on my 5’5″ frame.
  • The Leather Beret: I blame Dior for this. As soon as I saw Dior’s fall campaign I became obsessed with the leather beret. I had to find one that would fit my large head. This one works great for me but you have to be careful how you store it. I had the hat resting on an object and I believe it messed up the shape. Who has great tips for storing hats? I’m such a hat lover I need to know.



black slip dress



Basically, I just grabbed all my favorite black pieces played around with them and pulled it together with this simple belt. My lesson, wear all black but mix as many textures in as possible. Black is safe and always flattering and texture makes it interesting.



slip skirt oversized sweater

black slip dress

black slip dress

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