Forty and Wearing a Skirt with Braces ;)


When I first heard of the idea of a skirt with “braces”, I didn’t quite understand what that meant. After doing some research, I quickly realized it’s just another way of saying a suspender dress. My second question, with a cringe of self-realization and judgment, am I too old for this??

Short answer? Who cares.

I have seen fab women with silver hair and sophisticated style wearing black and white suspender men’s wear styles for years and always admired their individual chic interpretation. Of course, the yellow and pink color of this jumper dress makes the look lack any kind of sophistication, but you get the point.

Fashion is known throughout history as nonverbal communication. Before women had freedom of speech we had the freedom to express ourselves with our personal style.

Here is what the grown up voice in my head is saying to the worried girl inside me.

Have fun with clothing and don’t judge yourself! A big take away from years of therapy is that, “compassion and judgment are opposites.” Healing and healthy living comes from a place of compassion and understanding. Judging myself only makes me feel bad and less than, and who wants that?

That brings me to my second big takeaway from years of self-improvement 😉

Humility is being a person among people: not better than or less than.

I used to think of myself as less than more often than not. I didn’t realize how self-defeating it was and unhealthy. So the goal is to not think of myself as less than anyone or better than anyone. In order to do that, I must have compassion and positive thoughts for myself. These two concepts took me years to fully absorb.

Hope that wasn’t too much psychobabble. I love to over analyze, can you tell? 

Turning Forty and Wearing Braces

Just recently I ventured into this girly sporty look and yes, it might be on the verge of a “too young” situation. I am trying not to be that cliche of a woman growing older and dressing younger but hey, if the shoe fits 😉 The colors and short skirt are what make this look a more youthful outfit.

But, I was in Hawaii and it was my birthday…so whatever.

I first saw this dress while browsing looking for fun options for our Hawaii trip and I loved it! I love the bright yellow color with undertones of pink. The over sized white tee keeps it from looking too tight all over. Bottom line, it is fun! Yes, I was turning 40 and perhaps dressing like a teenager on that day is symbolic. In a way turning 40 is like going through some kind of puberty. My body is different, my sight is different, my skin is dry.. and good lord, I need more sleep. Mainly, I feel this clock ticking inside me that I never noticed before. All the more reason to focus on what really matters. Time with people and celebrating the joy in life

Laughing out loud at life in good spirit is my favorite thing to do. So why not laugh at my self? Focus on the joy and the blessing and beauty. Not the fear the shortcomings and the insecurity. That part my inner teenager needs to just embrace and let go.

Regardless of your age are you interested in rocking a suspender dress or a more subdued jumpsuit? Here are some of my favorite pics from the day, I hope you have as much fun in youthful clothing as I did!

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Until next time,

Love Jean

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