Monochromatic Styling with Millennial Pink

Are you a petite woman in a hurry and you wanna look chic without having to put too much effort into the outfit?

To be honest, I just described myself on most days.

But this one styling tip has saved me so many headaches from trying to figure out what to wear and how to wear it.

Monochromatic Stylin’

What is monochromatic? If you break apart the word, “mono” means same and “chromatic” means color. However, a monochromatic look doesn’t imply exactly the same color.

What makes a monochromatic look work well is when you mix in different shades of the same color. What really makes the look dance and sing is to incorporate different textures as well. This style is generally flattering on most people because it gives the appearance that you are taller and more slender…and who doesn’t want that?

With this look, the fluffy earrings, leather bag, suede shoes and satin blend dress all play of each other.

Millennial Pink

The color “Millennial Pink” is everyone nowadays: bags, hair color, Starbucks drinks, etc. Even though the term is new, the color is not. It isn’t an exact color on the color wheel or even just one color. Instead, it embraces a range of tones of pink and can fall on the spectrum from beige to peach. For some reason, we have decided to assign this as the Millennial’s own personal color. But that isn’t stopping me from wearing it! In more descriptive circles, it’s referred to as “rose” or “blush.” It has also been referred to as  “Jackie O pink” or “Chanel pink” for generations. I have to admit that I too have jumped on the “millennial pink” bandwagon and here are a few reasons why.

  • It’s flattering to my skin tone. Whether I am feeling paler than normal or if I have a bit of a tan, this color is always complimenting my skin instead of clashing.
  • It is no longer seen as super girly. Yes, it still holds its feminine charm, but it also gives off a mature and in charge vibe
  • This color looks amazing with grey or black, which I always love wearing

I’ve always loved this light shade of pink I had just never tried it all monochromatic before. I wore this outfit below to a traditional wedding party at the beach. I was channeling my inner Jackie O and Chanel with the matching bag. So give monochromatic or millennial pink colors a try and let me know what you think 🙂


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