Your Denim Refresh: Everything Old is New Again

For today’s fashion fix I’m focusing on Levis. Levis never get old. However, they are not all created equally or cut the same. The 100% cotton gives the “cute from behind look” but it’s also what makes the sizing so tricky.

Getting used to wearing all cotton is definitely an adjustment from wearing stretch denim; but, once these babies are broken in they are good to go. Shopbop is my favorite place to buy levis. Check out this link for great tips on how to shrink your levis. HERE. I have Levis in 3 different sizes. The smallest size looks pretty good but it’s just not comfortable. The largest size is not only comfortable but great for wearing belts because I can pull it higher and still have extra fabric. The size up from my normal denim is probably the safest bet. The article above I linked about how to shrink your levis explains more. Basically I just soak them in cold water to let the cotton fibers stretch for added comfort.

The wash is also important. The Levis linked below feel current and not too 90’s.

I’ve been on a massive spring cleaning purge. Getting everything organized for resale and consigning is draining but liberating at the same time. Out with the old and in with the new unless your a good pair of levis that never get old — only more loved.

Until next time.

Love, jean

shop my favorite levis:

LEVIS 606 (in this pic size 26) | Levis 501 | Levis 501 cropped