Lessons from 2016: My wakeup call


I woke up the morning of January 1, 2017 and thought wow, it’s 2017, cool!  My second thought was my age, I was born in 1977 so I’m going to be 40 this year. Shut the front door. I only have five and half more months of being 30 anything and yet all we have is today so lets make the most of it.

I view myself as “a late bloomer.” I love seeing girls in their young 20’s on youtube and in the blogging world that seem so grounded. For those teens and 20 somethings that are not at peace with yourself, I can relate! It took me until my late 20’s to find a sense of peace and I didn’t gain self confidence until my late 30s. Honestly, I didn’t start to like myself until my late 30’s It’s ridiculous that it took that long but that’s my journey. So hang in there girls! You don’t have to wait that long and I am just mentioning my situation for encouragement.

My big picture realization is to never stop dreaming. Then plan and set goals; but, it all starts with a dream. The dream of starting a blog began many years ago. I didn’t get started until June of 2016. I believe I’ve grown so much in the last six months and the experience has been incredible.

Here are my top 10 realizations.

1 Coming out of my shell

Putting myself out there has taught me so much about every aspect of my life.  I believe my brain is working better. I can remember dates bc I blog about them. I’m constantly exposing myself to like minded people who are younger and older.  This connection and stimulation is rewarding and inspiring.

2 The importance of sleep

I have learned how important sleep is. It was never a problem sleeping until I started overstimulating myself with blogging. Then, gaining a little weight made me realize that I’d ventured into sleep deprivation. It was the perfect wakeup call and I have corrected that to some degree. The body mind and spirit need sleep.

3 My style evolution

My style is evolving. For example, I no longer have unspoken rules that I set for myself such as don’t be too edgy, don’t be too flashy, don’t wear something that Whitney wouldn’t wear (my girlfriend with amazing classic style). She is conservative but wears stunning and timeless pieces.

Beginning last April I became very adventurous. I had a money saved up and I went on a spree. This is another lesson in and of itself. I wish I had pasted myself better. Anyways, I was’t really considering my shape and what flatters me as much as I used to because I was letting go of all my old rules to begin again. Hence evolution..

Basically I have gone from being stuck in my classic timeless box to elegant with edge. 🙂

4 How important fitness is

Finding balance is a constant goal. I’ve always loved the way exercise changes how my brain functions. I worked as personal trainer years ago. My evolution with fitness was again grounded balancing one’s time and overall goals. I don’t want to workout so hard that I am too exhausted and hungry.

I believe stretching, interval training and cardio on a regular basis for 30 minutes to an hour is a great efficient workout.

5 Fashion LOVE reached a whole new level

I now have reason to study the history of designs and designers. It began with my obsession of space age 70’s style and has grown from there.  I love the street style evolution and how bloggers have turned their life into a runway of sorts.

I love styling the fabric, looks, cuts, and how it represents the modern women.

6 COLOR I see color. I mean I really see color as never seen by me before.

I see color in photography, makeup, hair and everywhere. I know the intricate shapes and how they relate to each other and it’s amazing. I am seeing these things for the very first time.

7 Interior design

I see interior design on a different level.  I see how color and shape makes or breaks the flow. Form is important as well but secondary to color.

8 My hair

I’m now more adventurous with my hair. This year I’ve tried color and bangs. I need to learn how to style my hair without Drybar. I’m working on that.

Thanks to Margo and Me I decided to try bangs. They are fun right! but they are a commitment.

9 Botox and fillers

Turning 39 freaks me out and motivates me at the same time. This year is the last of my 30s so I decided to dabble in the world of injections. I learned with botox that placement is everything. I love the lift of botox on the side of my eyes; but, I hate it around my mouth area and my forehead. I have tried fillers under my eyes and I love that too. I hope it lasts for one year. I did it in June and I still see it. I also have some in my chin area but I honestly can’t see the difference there.

10 How much I love meeting people online in the fashion world. I had no idea this would happen.

It is so fun. I never really understood what social media meant until I engaged in IG. I love it!

Hello 2017

Who knows what will happen but I am excited. I hope to continue to grow and connect with fashion friends and lifestyle lovers to stay inspired.

What’s next:

My immediate goals are organizing my closet, learn to edit video to start a youtube Chanel and switch my website to WordPress


I want my posts to be outfit ideas and also provide useful hints and tips about style and living.

I would love to go to fashion week in September of this year in one of the countries. I’d also love to go on a romantic trip with my husband.

I hope my brain turns into a fashion editor.

Thanks So much for being part of my journey!

LOVE, jean

Here is a look back at 2016.

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