Camera Review: Nikon D5500

selfie camera

I’ve been playing around with the D5500 for the past couple months.  I used it on my May 28 post in Barnsley Gardens. I love my Nikon D800, but I was experimenting with the newer technology in the D5500, and there are some fine pluses.  The Wifi is great for travel.  It has a wide variety of effects, and the high-key effect is my favorite one.  While the D800 remains my all-time favorite camera, the D5500 has newer technology.  It is also smaller and designed for selfies.  On the third picture, I used a remote.

Just as I wouldn’t duplicate in fashion, I would not want to duplicate camera functionality.

On the subject of fashion, I just couldn’t resist buying this Balmain jacket before our trip to England. We all know the famous Carrie Bradshaw quote from Sex and the City,”I prefer my money in the closet where I can see it!”  This jacket turned out to be very versatile.  You’ll see it again in future posts.

Posing tip: look towards the light and think grateful thoughts.


Love Jean

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