Brandishing the Basics

There’s nothing more basic than denim and a white shirt.  This look is always fresh.  I’m really excited about how flattering this hat is. also shopbop sent it with a plastic hat mold for preservation that works so well. I love how the feathers pop and work well with the earrings.  The aviators also add another dimension of color while blending well with both the blue in the hat and in my Levi’s leggings.  V-necks always photograph well, at least with my face shape and broad shoulders.  My favorite creepers with the Chanel boy bag go with almost all my summer day looks.

Let’s talk age and outfit choices… I have lived in the south all my life, but I married a california man, so we will be moving to Manhattan Beach in a couple of years. In the south, it’s generally more appropriate to be conservative and “lady like.” I am in my last year of my 30s, and so i feel like pushing the envelope as much as possible.

I have also been on the paleo diet for over a year, and for the first time in my life my body feels strong.  I have probably lost about 15 pounds, and I’d love to share some of my exercise and eating tips in future posts.   Stay tuned ? All this blabbing is leading up to the mid-drift topic. My personal opinion, depending on where I’m going, I feel comfortable showing about 1-2 inches of skin. The trick is high waisted pants and a crop top thats appropriately proportioned to the pants or skirt.  These leggings stretch, so when I left the cabin, I was barely showing any skin.  After walking around, however, that situation changed…

My personal philosophy is to not take myself too seriously anymore. Just have as much fun as possible!

Outfit details: